Signing Up

After successfully submitting your billing information, you will see a confirmation page.

Within one business day, you will receive two emails with the following subjects:

  1. include Payment Confirmation
  2. Your include account is ready

The “Your include account is ready” email has a link to create a password for your new account. If for some reason you do not receive this email, you can trigger a password reset email by going through the Forgot Password process at

Once you’ve successfully set a password and logged in, you should see your Jobs Dashboard, which displays your plan and the number of job postings available.

Creating A Company Profile 

Once you have logged in, navigate to your Company Profile by clicking on Company at the top of the page.

The image below shows how each component of your Company Profile is displayed publicly, along with the specifications.

Company Name

Your Company Name is input by our team when you sign up. If you need to change this, please let us know at

Company Logo

include default logo

If you do not upload a Company Logo, then your Company Profile Page will use the default logo:

Once you upload a logo, it cannot be deleted. It can only be changed by uploading another image.

Company Culture Image

The Company Culture Image is optional. However, once you upload an image, it cannot be deleted. It can only be changed by uploading another image.

Creating A Job

To post a job, you must first create your job posting as a draft by clicking “create a job” in the Drafts Jobs section.

You will then see the form to input all the details of your job. The following fields are optional:

  • Job ID
  • Preferred Qualifications
  • Requirements

Once you have finished your draft job posting, you can either (1) Save as Draft, if you are not ready to post, or (2) Save and Publish, if you are ready to post the job.

Previewing A Job

Job Page

You can see how the job will be displayed on its Job Page by clicking "Preview" in the top right corner.

All Jobs Page

You can get an idea of how the job posting will be displayed publicly on the All Jobs Page by taking a look at the live All Jobs Page at You can also use the image below as a reference. 

Note that only about the first 270 characters of the Job Description will show on the All Jobs Page.

Editing A Job

A job posting can only be saved as a draft once. The second time that you edit a draft job posting, you will have to Save and Publish the job. 

However, if you are not ready to publish your job posting, still click Save and Publish. Then edit the job posting in the Open Jobs section.

Click the three dots (• • •) in the top right corner and select Mark as Inactive.

The job will now be in the Inactive Jobs section. Here you can edit the job once again before publishing.


Account Access

An account can only have one login credential. However, multiple users can use this same login credential to access the account at the same time.



Currently, we do not offer any discounts or free job postings. This includes discounts for nonprofit and governmental organizations.

Plan & Pricing Flexibility

We do not adjust or customize any of our standard plans. Therefore, we can only offer 2, 5 or 10 job postings. We can also tailor to your needs with an enterprise plan

You are allowed to create as many jobs as you’d like. However, only the number of jobs in your plan can be active at one time. The others will be drafts or inactive. You can rotate jobs between active and inactive as frequently as you’d like.

Updating Your Billing Information

If you need to update any of your billing information, such as the contact, credit card, or address on file, let us know at

Autopay & Refunds

All our plans are setup as autopay based on the frequency you select (monthly or annually). However, if you are automatically charged before deciding to cancel, let us know as soon as possible so that we can give you a refund.

Account Pause & Cancellation

Our plans are month-to-month or annual. If you purchase a monthly plan, you can cancel at any time by letting us know at

In the event that you must pause your hiring efforts, you can cancel your plan and purchase in the future when you are ready to post your jobs again. Your account will always be accessible.

If you have already cancelled an account with us and wish to resubscribe, you can go through the purchase flow at



At this time, we do not integrate with any applicant tracking systems (ATS).

ATS Best Practices